Welcome! I am Varun.

I co-founded

with my wife & a hope to assist struggling artists of India. In the process, I've discovered a new found love for creative coding & generative art, and I hope to document my learnings on this website.

Most of my professional experience comes from living & working in the US, and I want to learn new ways by working in various other countries. I am most passionate about leading & building software engineering teams, and my long-term goal is to see myself in a leadership position.

I am striving to be better organized both from outside and inside, and to achieve that I use few tools. For my day to day learnings I organize my thoughts and notes using Zettelkasten technique. I learnt about

Zettelkasten & Niklas Luhmann
in March of 2020, and since then I've seen huge satisfaction increase in my documentation process. For staying calm from inside I practice meditation for about 30 - 45 minutes a day. It keeps me grounded and opens up more doors to understand people & life around.

If you want to discuss technology, project ideas, talk about generative art, photography, or anything totally random I can always be reached at hi@varun.io.

Namaskar 🙏🏾

© 2020 Varun Maliwal

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